Finally GE24LD Releases Their Newest Single, “Don’t Runaway” with Faradhilla

GE24LD @ge24ld a teenager from Klaten who joined the rap group WESD, has now released a single titled “Don’t Runaway” in collaboration with Salma Faradhilla @vrdhilla, a talented young singer from Klaten.

The instrument in this song was formulated by MADLOW as the producer in the CREAMY BVRGER collective where this single has a lofi hip hop nuance.

“This song is actually an expression of my anxiety so far, where I have experienced an uncertain phase such as feeling excessive anxiety, fear and confusion about something to come” explained GE24LD when interviewed by CREAMY BVRGER, Wednesday (20/10)

The single was released on October 29, 2021, and reportedly the teenager from Klaten will release an EP in a different color later this year. Instrumental in the song “Don’t Runaway” is fairly simple, because for GE24LD itself lofi is the beat nuance that is most suitable for the theme of this song.

The lyrics of the song “Don’t Runaway” are written in a combination of Indonesian and English, “Don’t run away, we know everything’s gonna be okay, put a fake smile in a good way we gotta good time every day”. sung by Faradhilla in the chorus.

For GE24LD as the writer of this song, it would be very fitting if the chorus was filled by a female vocalist. “Honestly, at that time I had a bit of a hard time finding a vocalist friend whose voice character matched what I wanted, then it occurred to me that Faradhilla was in middle school when we were in a band, and I liked his voice so I decided Faradhilla would sing the chorus in this song” said GE24LD when interviewed by CREAMY BVRGER, Wednesday (20/10)

The release of the single “Don’t Runaway” was issued with a lyric video inspired by several lofi animations on YouTube, so that the impression of the lofi hip hop instrument is still felt.

GE24LD – Don’t Runaway (feat. Faradhilla)
Available on various digital streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Joox, etc.)


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