Exclusive Interview With Top 5 iTunes Artist James Lee Baker

Exclusive Interview With Top 5 iTunes Artist James Lee Baker

James Lee Baker is a Colorado via Texas-based singer-songwriter and Top 5 iTunes charting artist. He was featured in Billboard Magazine earlier this year, and his latest album, “Home Again” has been charting singles nationally, since it’s release. James took time out to answer a few questions in this exclusive interview:

IMAAI: Hi James! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions. You’re an extremely busy guy! How do you find time to write, record, perform, and have any kind of personal life?

James Lee Baker: I make time since these things are important to me. I break things down into atomic (small) tasks and focus on optimizing my time to build habits of productivity over time. I’d highly recommend reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

IMAAI: Your current single, “The First Time” is doing very well on some national airplay charts. How did you pick the song as a single, and why do you think it’s catching on with listeners?

JLB: It’s catchy and has done well in songwriting critiques! A few friends find it to be their favorite song and I enjoy the dynamic and message.

IMAAI: Your last single, “Disappear for the Weekend” has been included on a new compilation, “That Summer vol 2.” Are you personally a fan of compilation albums? What do you like/dislike about them?

JLB: Yes, I enjoy the compilation. There’s lots of good stuff in there and quite appropriate for the season.

IMAAI: Who did you listen to as a kid? How did these artists influence you as an artist?

JLB: As an acoustic artist, I grew up listening to Dan Fogelberg, Bob Dylan, David Gray, Ellis Paul, David Mead, John Gorka, and others. David Gray, Ellis Paul, and John Gorka were my primary writing influences.

IMAAI: What is one song that your fans would be surprised to know that you secretly like?

JLB: “You Should See Me in a Crown” by Billie Eilish.

IMAAI: Let’s talk about your most recent album release, “Home Again.” Tell us about the overall concept of the record?

JLB: The album is a pop-formula-forward Americana album that was recorded in Denver, Colorado. Most of the session players were remote and many came through the online platform Fiverr. The concept is a collection of songs focused around a break-up and relocation to another state.

IMAAI: Any plans for a follow-up album yet? If so, please tell us the direction you’re going in…

JLB: I’m working on recording a new album now at “…Billy Crockett’s Blue Rock Studios by Chris Bell – the man behind the boards for The Eagles, Don Henley and Christopher Cross – the effort includes contributions from Doug Pettibone (John Mayer, Jewel, Lucinda Williams), Roscoe Beck (Leonard Cohen, Eric Johnson), Paul Simon’s Grammy-winning accompanist Joel Guzman, singer/songwriter Mark Erelli, and Laurie MacAllister and Molly Venter from the famed folk group Red Molly.” The songwriting is being supervised by Ellis Paul and several co-writes and covers will be included. I expect to release in spring of 2020.

IMAAI: Any summer festival plans or touring dates?

JLB: I’m playing at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale, NY on August 2nd. I also have a few house concerts and shows in the fall/winter.

IMAAI: Thanks for taking the time, James. Any parting words for your fans and our readers?

JLB: Thanks for reading and for supporting IMAAI!

For more information on James Lee Baker, please visit www.jamesleebaker.com.

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