EDM Musical artist, Lophar Drops Captivating Track Titled “Trumpets”

Lophar, aka Hector Haro, is an Austin DJ, songwriter, and music producer. His new track “Trumpets” is available on all digital streaming platforms.

Lophar takes his musical journey to the next level with a new release. Lophar, aka Hector Haro, has announced a stunning single titled “Trumpets”. The track has a unique composition and energetic style of music for the masses. Lophar is a multi-talented DJ, music composer, and producer. He has released multiple tracks from 2020. He defines his music as electronic dance, tech house, and house music that takes listeners to move and dance.

“Enjoy beautiful and sensual EDM music of Lophar. ‘Trumpets’ is an impressive third single in 2022 which will be the favorite track of the month. I hope you enjoy the track and take your musical journey into the Lophar world,” said Lophar, aka Hector Haro.

‘Trumpets’ is Lophar’s third single of 2022. As a prolific Dj and music composer, he continues to write and produce new tracks. The track from his latest release demonstrates his enhanced lyrical craftsmanship and musical versatility. He keeps the music composition sound very organic and analog. Therefore, it has a unique sounding and is ready to enjoy the entire track from start to finish.

In addition to his latest release, Lophar said, “My latest release “Trumpets,” is an analog-sounding house track with heavy bass and a thumping kick. When I was producing this record, I wanted it to sound very organic and analog. I’ve been focusing on creating imperfections and distortions in my productions to create a fuller and more realistic sound. Imperfection is perfection!”

About Lophar
Hector Haro, better known as Lophar on stage, is a 26-year-old DJ, songwriter, and music producer. Lophar is a combination of his last name, Lopez and Haro. Lophar was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and currently is living in Austin, Texas. He has produced and released multiple tracks (over ten songs so far) that have garnered over 20k streams by 2021. Lophar has shown his musical talent from a young age. His biggest influences in the music industry were Boris Brejcha, Deadmau5, and Disclosure. Moreover, Lophar has reached over 94 countries with my Trent James Music. For more information about Lophar and his latest releases, please visit his social media profiles or linktr.ee/lophar.

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCF8yIFp2sLhKhQxXcTGI87Q
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lophar/
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@lophar.music

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