Divine Dynamics Put Faith First On ‘Winking Of A Lifetime’

Divine Dynamics Put Faith First On ‘Winking Of A Lifetime’

Despite being from various parts of Ohio, the trio that makes up Divine Dynamics formed a bond online and utilized modern ways to come together to record their 2019 release, ‘Winking of a Lifetime.’

‘Winking of a Lifetime’ is an uplifting effort brought forth by Divine Dynamics; Brittney “Music Envelope” Waters, Patrick Murdock, and Olivia Jane. A dozen songs strong, ‘Winking of a Lifetime,’ presents not only the members’ faith but a myriad of inspirational tracks that offer beautiful arrangements via songs like “Calm, Cool Spirit (Flickering Light),” “I Don’t Want to Stop Growing,” and “Albertine.” The album also contains a 14-page booklet containing not only the lyrics but also the story behind the record and how it came to be.

Each member of Divine Dynamics comes with their own unique tale. From Patrick Murdock growing up with his vinyl collection that included the likes of KISS and Toto to their lead singer, Olivia Jane’s time in various bands and cover bands before she connected with her new partners in music in Divine Dynamics. Then there’s Brittney Waters. Otherwise known as Music Envelope because as a producer she covers a myriad of styles that sometimes come together when she’s in the studio. Her ability to take from various genres and marry them together comes from her genuine appreciation of all types. From Yanni to a master she hopes to one day share the stage with, Lindsey Stirling, Waters’ love knows no bounds.

Currently, the band is in good spirits and sending their prayers towards Olivia Jane as she deals with her new baby and some health issues. While a setback, the band has not lost faith. Patrick is not only pushing Divine Dynamics but also working towards working with other Christian artists, and Brittney is strengthening herself as a musician teaching herself several new instruments; violin, keyboard, guitar, melodica, sitar, darbuka, and the cello.

Divine Dynamics wants to help put some positivity back into the world and believe their 2019 debut, Winking of a Lifetime, can do the job with it’s inspirational, hopeful lyrics and sound. Those interested in adding new Contemporary Christian music to their playlists, reviewing ‘Winking of a Lifetime,’ or interviewing Divine Dynamics can reach out via the information provided below.

For more information on Divine Dynamics, visit: divinedynamics.hearnow.com/


Divine Dynamics didn’t let distance stop them from creating their 2019 release, ‘Winking of a Lifetime.’

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Winking of a Lifetime

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