ChasinGwap.Ent Remix King 7 (No Base)

Dottis Da Don Remix King 7 (No Base) Mixtape

Dottis Da Don, Smooth, Soul, Pure Raw Music With Remix King 7 (No Base) Music With Hope is An undeniable Talent addressing issues In The World and Creating Music To Reach The People. Using old-school Sounds being Raised On Music Like O’jays & Temptations Dottis Da Don Never Forgot his roots Naming Himself Remix king Wanting To Remix Records He loves. He Started Creating The Remix king Tapes At ChasinGwap.Ent with this Being His 7th Remix King Mixtape And his Eighth Studio Mixtape. Chasingwap, Ent Marks Their Self In Music History With The Whole Remix King 7 (No Base) Mixtape Being recorded Without Base. Dottis Da Don shines Light On His City Saginaw, MI, and the community Where he Grew up Northside Of Saginaw, MI. Addressing Problems on Remix King 7 (No Base) The Cycle, Survival, Death, Prisons & Jails Plus Good story Telling. Never Shy To touch On What matters Rapping About How People Sale Drugs To survive, Being Poor And How The System Benefits From The People Struggles Also What People Deal With In The Streets. Remix King 7 ( No Base) Brings Fresh New Raw Unpolished Talent Out, Taking Pain From The Core Of The Heart And Soul And Turning It Unto Something Great. Dottis Da Don ChasinGwap.Ent Is An gift To the World Using Art For Good And To Make Change, Breaking The serotype Of that tuff Hardcore gangster Side With (When A Grown Man Cry) One Of The Tracks On Remix King 7 (No Base) Dottis Da Don Raps More of The emotional Side Rarely Discussed In Rap. Dottis Da Don Dealt With A lot Of Trauma & Mental Health issues Also The Death Of Loved Ones With The Creation Of Remix King 7 (No Base) So a lot Of Pain are In these Records. The Most recent death is His Mother Ms. Sue Lipsey. That Caused Dottis Da Don to Dig deep Be Different And Create a new Sound, This Is How (No Base) Came About. Elevating The Music Industry And showing The World That You Can Still Make An Impact No Matter What You Are Facing. Remix King 7 (No Base) Is A Game Changer You Can Stream Remix King 7 (No Base) Now On Audiomack.