BrittKatt Releases “Shade Room”

BrittKatt was raised in the south, so a bedside manner is something that’s likely second nature to her. Therefore, she brought enough shade for everyone with her newest single, “Shade Room.” Born and raised in Hillsboro, AL, the real-life Brittany Clay is larger than life type of persona. In addition to her music career, she’s also an Actress and Model. She cites cultural juggernauts like Nikki Minaj, and Lady Gaga as her biggest influences.


Auspicious and outspoken, BrittKatt’s personality might threaten to overshadow a lesser track, but that is not the case with “Shade Room.” Though somewhat subtle in concept, “Shade Room” is infectious and memorable. Thanks to BrittKatt’s confident and dexterous performance, it ends up being rather catchy as well. It’s essentially a diss track without specifically targeting any individual.

It’s more of a bold statement to BrittKatt’s haters and anyone who chooses to stand in her way.Because females are redefining their roles in not only music but in society, BrittKatt’s arrival is opportune. Her charisma and personality shine through in even the most mundane of circumstances, but also when it counts. After listening to “Shade Room,” it’s clear that BrittKatt won’t have to overcompensate to be Successful. She has organic confidence that is fueled by her unique personality and endearing quirks. Hip Hop is literally starving for a figure that is less about bombast and more about nuanced character studies.

The entire genre is in danger of becoming devoured by its obsession with opulence. BrittKatt can possibly be an anecdote to excessive materialism by continuing to focus on the art of suggestion.

“Shade Room” is rife with clever phrasing and hypnotic beats. BrittKatt finds ways to be self-congratulatory without being obnoxious. In some instances, you can tell that a song was written to intentionally resonate with the audience and their personal experiences. With BrittKatt, you get the feeling that she is speaking of things that she has firsthand knowledge of. Again, what modern audiences seem to be starved for is people they can truly relate to. An artist whose canvas is one that they can picture their own image in.

Technically speaking, “Shade Room” is a fine track. It achieves the same quality and resonance that most independently produced works do in this era. What really makes the track work is BrittKatt and her impressive verbal agility. At first sound, you might think you’ve already heard what someone like BrittKatt has to offer. But when you focus on it, you begin to realize that she is a clever and calculating young lady.


Everybody thinkin I’m cocky/cause I’m top 3/but I’m not 3. Double entendres are just one of the facets of BrittKatt’s enjoyable new single. She’s as insightful as she is entertaining, and it’s obvious that the best is yet to come. She brought an umbrella big enough for all of us, as she won’t be outshone or outdone, nor will she be impeded by the hateful herd. “Shade Room” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Clay Burton