Astrid & FADO release their new Single “Right Time”

“Right time” is a song by Filipino DJ FADO and Filipino singer Astrid. It was released by Astrid Records & FADO on 6 January 2023. The song was written by Astrid and produced by FADO. An EDM, dance-pop, electropop and tropical house song, “Right time” comprises an pluck played, and a build-drop arrangement in its chorus featuring pulsing piano, bass, synthesizers, finger-snap claps and pan flute melodies. Astrid sings the track in a smooth tone. It is composed in the key of A Minor. The song carries a harmonious tone and a drop common in tropical house music.

The lyrics are romantic and narrate a past relationship against LDR or Long Distance Relationship. This song lyrics meaning how he thinks about the girl or guy for a long time. It seems to say that if you really meet each other at the right time.