Andy Ross is Determined to “Make Christmas Great Again”

Andy Ross Make Christmas Great Again Cover Art

Note from IMAAI: we publish all press releases regardless of misspellings and points of view. We at IMAAI understand that during the month of December there are many, many holidays, and “Happy Holidays” is a far more inclusive greeting.

Country rocker, CEO and “American Rebel” Andy Ross keeps his American pride at the center of attention for his Christmas single “Make Christmas Great Again,” where he recounts the importance of Christmas traditions.

Watch the new lyric video for “Make Christmas Great Again” here:

In an era of controversy surrounding the use of ‘Christmas’ instead of ‘Holiday’ or ‘Xmas’, Andy Ross makes his stance known, and he “don’t care who it might offend.” Any follower of the entertainer knows his Christian values, with weekly prayers posted to his social media. In “Make Christmas Great Again,” he adamantly notes he will continue the celebration and symbolism of Christmas, even if the public is calling for it to not be mentioned by name in the name of inclusivity and not offending anyone. Andy Ross also mentions how the “Black Friday brawls” have taken away from the true meaning of the holiday – being surrounded by family and friends.

The entire song is a letter to Santa to “Make Christmas Great Again” because the traditions, societal exceptions and holiday spirit surrounding the occasion have changed so drastically. An attempt to keep the holiday season and traditions Ross grew up with, the track spreads Christmas cheer while also sharing an important message about the true meaning of the holiday.

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