Andrew Neil and Code Purple Unleash Raw and Rebellious New Single “I Like”

photo of Andrew Neil

[Gordonsville, VA] – Andrew Neil, a rising indie rock outsider songwriter known for his boundary-pushing music, has joined forces with Daniel Houser, Alan Warren, and Richard Shaw, to form a new band “Andrew Neil and Code Purple”. Joined by temporary drummer, Zach Bullock, the electrifying band premiered their first Single, “I Like”, in a live show on 15 March, opening for the Raelyn Nelson Band in Nashville at the Glen Campbell Museum. This highly anticipated single, was officially released on 15 May 2023.

With a passion for crafting raw and rebellious tracks that resonate with listeners, “Andrew Neil and Code Purple” collaboration promises to captivate fans of indie rock and push the boundaries of the genre.

‘’I Like’’ encapsulates the essence of unapologetic individuality, empowering listeners to embrace their true selves fearlessly. Blending dynamic guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and Andrew Neil’s distinctive vocals, the song showcases the unique synergy between the artists, resulting in a mesmerizing sonic

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of indie rock, Andrew Neil and Code Purple infuse their signature style into ’’I Like’’ creating an infectious energy that transcends traditional musical boundaries.
This release is poised to resonate with music enthusiasts who appreciate the edginess and authenticity of raw, rebellious tracks.

“Conceptually, ‘’I Like’’ plunges the listener into the core essence of indie rock with an attitude reminiscent of Type O Negative, Kurt Cobain and a hint of Neil Young vocals. » (Will Stenner of Discover You Radio)

‘’I Like’’ is captivating listeners with its raw and unfiltered sound, showcasing Andrew Neil and Code Purple shared commitment to pushing boundaries within the indie rock genre. Perhaps, we are even witnessing the birth of a new indie rock sub-genre, Outlaw Indie Rock.

Rounding out their roster, by adding a permanent drummer, Logan Bush, the band is in the process of creating material for their first full length album (title TBD). In the coming weeks the Band is expected to release two more singles. Don’t let the title fool you, but one is a stunning original titled “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and the second track titled “Arizona”.

Listeners can experience ‘’I Like’’ on all major streaming platforms: