Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with IMAAI.
Tell us about your music.
Hi, I’m ALF and I make mainly rock-pop type music. When I first started writing, I only really listened to and analysed pop, so I didn’t really know how to write anything other than that. But as I’ve grown I’ve discovered more and more artists such as Lily Allen, Hayley Williams, GAYLE and recently, Demi Lovato, who all have more of a rock edge to their pop music, which I think provides that extra bit of emotion in a song.

When did you start performing?
I’m yet to actually perform a live show yet, mainly because of nerves but I’m gonna really try and get myself on a stage this year. Maybe a bit of booze will do the trick.

What do you consider to be your hometown and how does that affect your music?
I’m from Chester in Cheshire but I really would class Liverpool as where ALF was born. I saw my first ever concert in Liverpool with my Mum and we stayed in Parr Street Studios when they had a hotel attached to it and since then, I realised what a musical city Liverpool is and that’s where I now write and record all of my music.

What performers have been your inspiration?
I think Katy Perry and P!nk, performance-wise, just because of their camp-ness.

What do you base your success on?
If people can sit down and choose to listen to my songs whilst they’re getting ready, in the car, working out or even going to sleep, then I find that’s success. Creating art that people incorporate into their everyday life.

What was your latest musical release?
My latest release was my debut track, ‘Tired of Being Nice’. I wrote it nearly two years ago and I remember it being a period of my life before I grew a pair of balls. I used to let anyone and everyone walk all over me and I’d try to people please a lot. The song was about being tired of that and I suppose it worked because now I don’t allow that to happen anymore.

Do you have any news to share?
My new single, “Killing Me” is coming out on the 14th of April! The song’s personally about a conflict I had with a boy in my life where I think he wanted me to be more of his ideal person, rather than just being myself. But I wanted it to be able to fit whatever narrative the listener wants so I think I did that.

How can fans find you?

Lastly, please share some final words with the fans.

Thanks for the interview, I hope you like my music <3